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2023 Wedding Trends

2023 is officially here! To kick off the month of love, this blog talks all about trends you can expect to see during the 2023 Wedding Season. Check out the trends you can expect to see during this year’s wedding season. This is the perfect list to gain some extra inspiration to help you plan a day to you’ll surely remember! Will you do something new? Popular? Or create the next trend?


Picture this…you just had a wonderful evening partying with your friends and family and now you get to have a final private moment with your brand-new spouse to dance and reflect on everything that happened during the day. We are seeing more couples partake in this! It is a chance to connect and hold each other in your arms while enjoying a memorable moment. Make sure to choose a song that you both love and let your planner, DJ, or band know about your plan so they can escort your guests out of the room efficiently. 


Believe it or not, we are starting to see more colors being used in weddings. From flowers to bridesmaid’s dresses, couples are choosing a more bold and bright color scheme to add a special pop into their day. No more black and white traditional weddings! The more color you have in your flowers for your wedding, the better! Colorful, eye-catching flowers can be displayed in your ceremony arch, bridesmaid’s bouquets, centerpieces, stair railings, and more! Dresses for your bridesmaids are changing as well. In 2022 we have seen a lot of different dresses that are all the same color. However, for 2023 not only the style of the dress but the colors are changing too. Some couples choose to display 2 colors for their bridesmaids and some couples choose a variety of assorted colors.


Along with multiple colors, we are seeing more brides using a plethora of flowers in their ceremony and reception spaces. A new trend right now is using broken arches covered in an array of colorful flowers for your ceremony. This will provide a gorgeous backdrop for your nuptials and will look breathtaking in your photos. Flowers are also being incorporated as attire! Instead of your traditional boutonnière, grooms have been choosing for him and his groomsmen to wear floral pocket squares. This will give a unique look to their suits while adding a pop of color!


Lately we have seen smaller weddings flourish. Couples choose to celebrate their special day with only their closest friends and family. These types of weddings allow you to have a more intimate space to celebrate. If you are on a budget, this is also a great way to save. Smaller weddings are also a great excuse to purchase a tiny cake! These cakes are so cute and are perfect for serving a smaller crowd.


First looks have become very popular in the previous years. However, they were generally held between the bride and groom. In 2023 we expect to see this photo opportunity include bridesmaids, parents of the bride or groom, and grandparents. This trend has grown tremendously because it allows you to spend more time with the ones you feel close to, and it allows you to see their reaction one-on-one. Photographers love first looks because it allows them to take more friends & family photos before the ceremony.


Personally, this is our favorite trend! More couples are personalizing little details in their wedding. These can be little notes on the bottom of the bride and groom’s shoes, writing the date of your special day somewhere on your outfit, or even a special gift for the bride or groom to open while getting ready. These little elements don’t just have to be for the happy couple. We are starting to see more recognition to guests. Examples of this are personalized notes to each guest on the seating chart wall, a customized favor, and more! Adding these little details can help give your wedding a distinct feel that is different from everyone else’s. You and your fiancé are one in a million — ensure your wedding tells the story of your love.


Lately this trend has been popping up all over social media. Don’t have anyone to serve as a flower girl? No problem! Choose one of your goofiest groomsmen to dance down the aisle while throwing flower petals from a fanny pack or little basket. This is also a great way to get a laugh out of your guests.

No matter what you choose to include in your wedding, be sure that you absolutely love it! This is your wedding, and you can do whatever fits your style. When you are ready to begin the planning process, reach out to us at to get started! We look forward to hosting your wedding at our country club!

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